photo-about Founded in 1977 by Bob West and Pete Edmiston, Lam-Wood Systems, Inc. was started with the idea that an expanded level of customer service would bring added value to the wood construction industry. We are a relationship-based company that serves owners, builders, and designers through high-quality products, coordinated delivery, and industry-leading coordination and shop drawings.

Our Team

LUKE RINGENBERG - CEO/Technical Expert JAMES JOHNSON - CFO JEREMY CRANDALL - COO/Technical Expert RICK CERRONE - General Manager TOM HOLT - Truss Division Manager NICK BROWN - Truss Division Project Manager MICHAEL POLDistribution Manager / IT BRET MAYNARD - Director of Sales/Technical Expert ERIC WEST - Sales ZACH ANDERSON - Sales CHRIS BERGMEIER - Senior Project Manager/Technical Expert IAN JESSE - Senior Project Manager/Technical Expert RUSSELL LONGSHORE - Project Manager KEVIN GARCIA - BIM Manager AARON VEGA - BIM Modeler ANTOINETTE CUNNINGHAM - BIM Modeler JAMIE MANZANARES - BIM Modeler MATT HOMBURG - BIM Modeler MICHAEL LEVY - BIM Modeler KIM MCHUGH - Front Office & Accounting